Who rules your life: you or your phone? :)

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Who rules your life: you or your phone? :)


Who rules your life: you or your phone? 🙂

Have you caught the moment when your friend sticks to a mobile phone and drops out of reality? Or when most of the people do that during “party”? Or maybe it was even you? (https://youtu.be/EN9fbvqlZis)
The world is digitalizing more and more and nothing can stop it. But we can learn how to do it safely for our mind, body, relationships. That is what we were exploring during #ErasmusPlus youth exchange “Train your digit brain” in Latvia from 12 to 18th of September.
We discussed how gadgets positively and negatively influence on body, personal relationships, everyday life, education and work, travel and entertainment. Then we tried 24h #DigitalDetox – living without gadgets (do you know to wake up in time without phone alarm?!) while getting connected with our body, mind and other people. Have you ever drawn runes on stones or danced Belarusian traditional dance? We did!
We became so brave that even made a city quest in Riga with flight mode on phones Yes-yes, conscious usage of maps and talking to locals in order to find a road, can you imagine?
After understanding that less usage of gadgets is not that scary, we made guides on how to digitalize safely in different spheres of life. And based upon them, we created small projects for disseminating this learning to YOU! Check what we’ve done:
– Song: http://bit.ly/2ods6xD
– Offline card game “Reality” for decreasing gadget usage in friend’s company: http://bit.ly/2lguC4Y
– Video “BuddyCare” about healthy body digitalization: http://bit.ly/2lY8RqT
– Practice “Move and trust” for connection with your body: http://bit.ly/2mOKIn0
– Presentation with a summary of the project: http://bit.ly/2nss1Wu
– Small research about making online learning more effective: http://bit.ly/2lZyCY3
– Photo quest bot (based on Telegram) to explore surroundings and remember the moment: https://T.ME/FUNKYPHOTOBOT (Instruction for usage: http://bit.ly/2ntq780)
– Sticker pack about the project (with some local jokes): https://t.me/addstickers/Trainbrain

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