Testimonial – Vlăduț Horotan (Romania)

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Testimonial – Vlăduț Horotan (Romania)

Category:Youth Leadership Academy

Youth leadership academy was a complex project that helped me to improve my communication skills, understand what leadership is and what do I need to be a leader.

CSDT team was very close to the participants and listen to their needs. There is loyalty and respect among the team and they are very well planned, well organized and Timisoara is a nice city to be in for this kind of project. The accommodation was really close to everything we needed.

I met so many fantastic people. I find it very interesting to work with people from other countries and I really enjoyed to find out the cultural differences between us and how different we react to problems, see the problems or solve them. The language barrier pushed us to improve communication skills, trying to explain our ideas being more creative. I didn’t had to time to get bored. We had so many activities to do every day.I am very glad I got to have this experience even if it was only for a short time. I made lifelong friends. It’s an experience of a lifetime that I know I will never forget.It helped me to understand myself better, to work better in team, to have a proper debate about a topic. I would definitely try again this kind of experience in the near future.


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