Testimonial – Rareș Leschian (Romania)

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Testimonial – Rareș Leschian (Romania)

Category:Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy was a youth exchange I loved being a part of. The mobility took part in the city of Timișoara, Romania, the biggest city in the Western part of the country. It has a very rich history, being the first city in Europe with electric light, with the oldest beer factory, and a beautiful architecture. It was even more pleasurable to take walks through the city with the other participants in our free time, visiting and having fun. Starting from the activities which were great in approaching the subject of “leadership” to the organizing team who covered all the needs and requests, my thoughts about the project are only positive. I feel like I improved my skills both in English, communicating and working with others in a team. Also, I got a better grasp of the concept of “leadership” because of all the activities we took part in a mainly due to the meetings we had with various leaders of the local community. I made a lot of friends and it was amazing to meet these people and I hope I will participate in other projects similar to this!  rares leschian

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