Testimonial – Rareș Leschian (Romania)

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Testimonial – Rareș Leschian (Romania)

Category:European Citizenship Education

The mobility of the “European Citizenship Education” project was a unique experience in which I participated in August. I encountered a lot of people from all over Europe, active youngsters with whom I had a great time and I made some friends along the way apart from all the experience and knowledge I gained from this Youth Exchange.

The mobility happened in Bodo Village, a great rural place with a lot of facilities we could use. From my experience of being involved in Erasmus+ and participating in projects I can definitely say that this kind of projects which happen in locations like this have the most success, because it allows people to get closer to each other and interact more often and aswell mix themselves with the other groups and not just stay in their national teams.

The place was also amazing because of some perks that we could find there. For example, we had a synthetic football field we could use whenever we wanted, where we played a lot of games, did sports and some activities and it was really fun to have it there. The main room for the acitivities was spacious enough to use it fully and was also equipped with everything we needed to use in the activities or in presentations, including a video projector, flipchart, whiteboard and some other tools for writing and handcrafting.

As for the activities, for me personally it was great because I had the chance to facilitate some of them. In a Youth Exchange young people facilitate the activities themselves, and I surely feel, along the other young people that I increased my capability to talk in front of the others and explain things using non-formal education methods. At the end I think all of us got a better understanding of how the EU works, what are its institutions and got motivated to be a better European citizen.

Overall, I really liked this project because of the things beforehand mentioned and I’m really looking forward to my next Erasmus+ experiences!

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