Testimonial – Raluca Ciev (Romania)

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Testimonial – Raluca Ciev (Romania)

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Testimonial – Raluca Ciev (Romania)

The participation in this project was a good thing for me and for the community and environment I belong to, because all the things I learned from the project, I applied them later in many situations at work, university, etc. Efficient communication with others, team communication and team spirit, the development of innovative ideas along with others and on their own, communication in mother tongue and English were some of the few skills that we have trained and developed within this project. The fact that I met other people from different cultures from different countries with so different characters inspired me most in this project because I was part of an united group and I tied my friends despite the cultural and linguistic differences. The Youth Leadership Academy project was a successful project in my opinion, of which all participants left with a loaded bag of knowledge and skills that may or may not have been previously developed. In conclusion, this project has developed and helped me, but also the environment in which I live, implicitly.raluca ciev

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