Testimonial – Andreas Constantinou (Greece)

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Testimonial – Andreas Constantinou (Greece)

Category:Europe Says No to Hate Speech

Hey, I am Andreas and I just got back from Romania. Me and five more people from Greece took place in the “Europe says no to hate speech” project, held in Bodo, Romania. The main goal of the project was to learn about human rights and hate speech. During the project, we met people from Romania, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia. It was really interesting how despite our cultural differences we managed to find a way to work, create, and have a good time together. Many of the activities we had helped us being more communicative and getting out of our comfort zone. We learned about other countries, their culture and we tasted their traditional foods and drinks. I had the chance to get to know some really incredible people and make friends whom I will definitely keep in touch in the future. I am very thankful for all the great memories and the experience I gained during my time in Romania! Being part of the Erasmus family is something you cannot describe with words you just have to feel it. So do not hesitate and apply for those projects.

Special thanks to the organization, which sent us ‘’DreamTeam’’ and the organization that hosted us ‘’Centrul pentru Strategii de Dezvoltare a Tineretului’’.

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