Testimonial – Alise Krūmiņa (Latvia)

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Testimonial – Alise Krūmiņa (Latvia)

Category:Non-Formal Education in Action

The project was based on the need to develop different methods for education, through learning proces. It gathered 27 people from 9 countries, who took part in activities about various non-formal educational methods. As the title of the poject says Non-formal education in action, I was suprised how easy and simple it was to make these methods non-formal. For example through games and real life situations we learned a whole new method what we can use in real life situations or while working with other people.

Some of the methods were a little bit more complicated than others, some more easy. For sure we all took something new from this training course. Our coaches broke  the ice between the participants early, so it was easier to work together from the beginning of the project. It helped to see the strong and the weak sides of participants, to use them and help them “grow” in difficult situations.

The organizers took care of us at highest level, we had amazing trainers, and variety of food choiches. We had a lot of fun in traditional evening and intercultural night.  The project and transportation was well organised, we had most of the planned activities, and everone come back for the activites in time.

There were plenty of good things about this project, and I was not expecting a busy schedule, but it was very useful experience. I got a lot of positive emotions and new contacts. Also as much as i like to work alone, it was hard but helpfull to work together.

Huge thanks to our couches and organisators Andrei Tudor and his team –  Center of Strategies for Youth Development!