Testimonial – Adriana Guerriero (Italy)

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Testimonial – Adriana Guerriero (Italy)

Category:Youth Leadership Academy

My second erasmus + project was in Romania, in Timișoara. The project started in mid-January, I started with the Italian association Apice Europa but the project was promoted by the Romanian association CSDT. The name of the project was: Youth Leadership Academy, the type of the project was a youth exchange in a KA1. For me it was a beautiful experience. The presence of many young boys and girls, belonging to different cultures who found themselves in discussions, even if with different ideas, we were able to work in groups bringing everyone their knowledge. There have been many activities: lessons, meetings with industry experts. Surely I prefer non-formal education, I think it is the useful means to make young people understand much more than frontal and formal lessons. Timișoara is a very beautiful city, certainly a bit cold for us Italians. We also had the chance to discover the city. We divided into groups, each group organized its tour. “JOY” was the name of my group, thanks to this activity we got to know each other and we are close friends, we are still messaging and we were organized to meet again. Really interesting was also the time dedicated to the next European elections. Many of us consider this moment important, we have compared and given information to those who did not know much about the subject. This experience was beautiful, I will always carry it in my best memories.Adriana Guerriero

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