Roads of Democracy

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Roads of Democracy



Roads of Democracy is a project that took place at the end of the year 2019, specifically in the period 14-20 December as a part of the Erasmus+ program, in the Bulgarian city Gotse Delchev. On the project participated students from former communist countries, and those countries were Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Portugal.  Although, Portugal was not a communist country, in the period from 1932 to 1968, it was ruled by the corporatist authoritarian government and by dictator Salazar. The Romanian participants were twelve students from Timisoara, Satu Mare, Caracal and from Nadlac: Roxana Iuga, Beatrix Csaki, Ioana Dragomir, Laura Duca, Cristian Drosu, Stefan Apostol, Ema Fabri, Boris Horvath, Roxana Patean, Martina Zelenak, Darius Horvath, Patrik Suhanski.

The project had a historical and political theme.The main discussion topic was democracy. Also a topic was the communist state and history of each of the countries. The representants of each country, presented their opinion on the above-mentioned communist states. Our presentation was based on three basic questions:

  • What traces did the communism leave in Romania?
  • The fate of the people in the communist period?
  • How did the simple people perceive the communism?

During these days, English was the main communication language. Activities continued throughout the whole day. These activities were focused on meeting new people, learning foreign languages, about the cities of the other participants and learning their history.

Each country presented their culture, traditions, traditional food and dances. We, the participants of this project, strongly believe and hope that we will take part to other similar projects, in the future.

As main object of the local event held in Romania, the participants held at the same school a presentation about the project at which 48 youngsters participated. They learned about the activities held during the project, what was the main scope and became more aware about the Erasmus+ programme and about the opportunities many youngsters could have but know less about. The presentation was held on the 25th of February with a duration of aprox. 30 minutes and involved a number of more than 50 youngsters and teachers presenting and attending the event.

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