Project Results

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Project Results


The project had a significative impact on the participants through the strong interaction they had with other participants and the effects that this interaction, involvement in the project and the activities produced.

Thus, the impact is one related to the behaviors of these young people who will become more aware of the cultural diversity of the world. This tolerant and multicultural understanding is one that will serve these 55 young people throughout their lives. Why? Because today’s globalized world makes us interact almost everywhere with young people from other cultures. How can the 55 young people support this tolerant and multicultural understanding? It can help them in their educational and professional work to work better and understand colleagues and colleagues from other cultures.

The impact of the project is also important in terms of information and knowledge that young people find during the project: historical data, evolutionary data, information on common values, knowledge of visual symbols, globalization and the different forms that can be taken identity. All this information helped them better know the world and understand it in all its multicultural dimension.

The impact on young people in disadvantaged categories must be mentioned because for these young people this project was the first opportunity to interact with young people from outside their country. It was a chance that these young people received and took advantage of it, opening up their horizons and the desire to interact with young people from other cultures.IMG_0482