Impact of the project

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Impact of the project

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Impact on participants
This project will have a substantial impact especially among the 27 youth workers participating in the training. Impact on participants translates primarily through learning outcomes:
– Youth workers participating in the project become more flexible and more adaptable to the needs of young people
– Youth workers learn to use some tools and methods to make it easier to interact with young people in vulnerable categories
– Youth workers will know, after this project, how to obtain and how to strengthen external support in the learning process through partnerships that enable young people to better connect to the surrounding realities
– Youth workers will use in their current work tools to stimulate creativity and youthless expression
Also, after the completion of the training course, the youth workers involved in this project will become practitioners of the gamble method.
Impact on participating organizations
The participating organizations reap considerable benefits from participating in this project:
– Strengthening participation in international projects
– Strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones
– Developing the skills of youth workers within organizations
– Improving project management skills through the practice within this project
– Increasing the visibility and notoriety of the organizations by promoting this project
– Better knowledge and understanding of the Erasmus + program.

Impact on target groups
The skills acquired by youth workers will be used in their work with young people, so the impact on young people is significant. As a result of this project, the young beneficiaries of the activities of the partner organizations, but also the young beneficiaries of the activities of other organizations from the wider circle of partners, will be able to benefit from the skills acquired by the youth workers:
– They will discover new learning methods
– Their confidence in their own strengths will be boosted
– They will be encouraged to develop their creativity
– They will benefit from wider and better consolidated partnerships of youth organizations and workers
– Young people from disadvantaged categories will be increasingly attracted to activities, and beneficiaries from disadvantaged categories who already interact with youth workers will benefit from the skills acquired by them during the project.
The impact at local level
Within the project each of the 9 partners will establish partnerships at local level. These partnerships have the role of increasing the impact of the project in the community. Thus, each of the 9 organizations has the obligation to establish partnerships at local level:
– Partnership with local institution – either local authority, school or university; the partnership with the local authority can support the impact of the project by introducing measures related to youth activity at local level and the importance of using appropriate methods, and the partnerships with schools / universities can ensure the dissemination and impact of the project on a larger number of beneficiaries – students or students . Also, the partnerships with the educational institutions ensure a diversification and modernization of the methods of teaching and learning in the formal education.
– At least 3 partnerships with other youth / educational / social organizations – through these partnerships the impact of the skills acquired by the youth workers participating in the project will be transferred to other youth workers – through organized meetings and courses, but also through the dissemination of the guide end of the project
– At least 5 partnerships with press institutions – the impact of the project will be high through the collaboration of partners with local press institutions – the media partners are those that give the Erasmus + project and program a high visibility, beyond the limits of the youth activities, to the general public.
The impact at regional level
Each of the organizations within the partnership has the obligation to present the project in front of at least 2 partners from the region:
– Training courses will be organized for youth workers – especially for those from rural areas
– The final project guide – which is focused in particular on the methods used, developed within the project – will be sent to at least 10 organizations in the region.

Impact at national level
– The final project guide – which is focused in particular on the methods used – will be sent to at least 10 organizations at national level
– The guide will also be sent to the Secretary of State for Youth of the Ministry of Youth and Sport with the title of recommendation for the methods used in the system by the occupational category of the youth workers.

The impact at European level
The project guide will be published on Salto-Youth for consultation by EU youth organizations and workers
– The guide will be disseminated by each of the partner organizations in the project to other partner organizations at EU level
– Moreover, the site of each organization participating in the project will have a section that will direct visitors to the coordinating organization page where all the information related to the project, including the final project guide, will be found.

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