European Citizenship Education – Press Release

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European Citizenship Education – Press Release


Press release for the project “European Citizenship Education”

Project №    2018-3-RO01-KA105-061179    under the Erasmus+ Program


REFERENCE NUMBER: 2018-3-RO01-KA105-061179

PROJECT DURATION: 01.03.2019 – 30.11.2019 (9months)

MOBILITY PERIOD: (31 July) 1 August – 9 August (10 August) 2019


Forming young European leaders to take part in the decision-making process in non-profit organizations, public institutions, international organizations, or the private environment


  1. Development of competences specific to the understanding of the functioning and the role of the EU related to key competencies for 42 young people, through activities carried out during a 9-day mobility, carried out in Romania.
  2. Cultivation through specific activities of a sense of belonging to the European construction – European values and principles, among the 42 young people participating in a 9-day mobility, carried out in Romania.
  3. Encourage mutual understanding between 42 young people from 7 different countries in a project that promotes European values during a 9-day mobility organized in Romania.

The European and national debate (from each Member State) on citizens’ perception of European citizenship is intense, but without macro solutions, political and institutional solutions. The 2016 Eurobarometer showed that among Europeans about 50-60% of Western European citizens are considered European citizens, while in Central and Eastern European countries the percentage falls below 40%. The EU is going through a politically complicated period, and it is also linked to the inability to develop the feeling and consciousness of a truly European citizenship (Brexit, the rise of populist or anti-Hitler parties, the crisis of migrants, the crisis of the rule of law in the countries of Central Europe and East). The project “European Citizenship Education” is placed in this context and is the result of an initiative discussed within a consortium of organizations from: Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Each of the organizations has carried out research within the organization’s beneficiaries (young people aged 18-22) in order to identify the position of the target group towards European citizenship and what are the expected measures and activities that can improve the state of affairs.

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