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Impact of the project

Category:GameEdu for Youth Workers

Impact on participants
This project will have a substantial impact especially among the 27 youth workers participating in the training. Impact on participants translates primarily through learning outcomes:
– Youth workers participating in the project become more flexible and more adaptable to the needs of young people
– Youth workers learn to use some tools and methods to make it easier to interact with young people in vulnerable categories
– Youth workers will know, after this project, how to obtain and how to strengthen external support in the learning process through partnerships that enable young people to better connect to the surrounding realities
– Youth workers will use in their current work tools to stimulate creativity and youthless expression
Also, after the completion of the training course, the youth workers involved in this project will become practitioners of the gamble method.
Impact on participating organizations
The participating organizations reap considerable benefits from participating in this project:
– Strengthening participation in international projects
– Strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones
– Developing the skills of youth workers within organizations
– Improving project management skills through the practice within this project
– Increasing the visibility and notoriety of the organizations by …

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Project Objectives

Category:GameEdu for Youth Workers

The project objectives are:
1. Creation of a course methodology based on gamification in non-formal activities dedicated to social inclusion through the contribution of 27 youth workers from 9 Member States during a course for 6 days youth workers.
2. Developing the skills and competences of 27 youth workers from 9 Member States to use gamification-based methods in their activity of youth workers with young people from disadvantaged categories, following the 6-day course carried out within this project.

The project is developed in accordance with the Erasmus + program and the European and national priorities for 2019.
The national appeal has as a horizontal priority social inclusion and combating segregation and discrimination (the project uses gamification as a useful method in working with young people from disadvantaged categories), and the first priority of the youth field is to support the development and sharing of the working methods of the youth workers. towards marginalized young people. Also, the project is in line with the general directions of the Erasmus + program, but also with the specific objective of the key action 1, to improve the skills of the youth workers.

The methods developed and tested in this project will be useful …

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Project Description

Category:GameEdu for Youth Workers

Gaming is the use of game and game dynamics  in contexts that are not related to the game and through which those contexts receive an influx of participation, interest, involvement, loyalty, collaboration and competition. Matching techniques through competition, winning points or joining different levels can be used in a variety of areas, including non-formal education. What does this gaming project do? It develops and offers a course for youth workers aimed at increasing and improving the field of gamming in non-formal education as an alternative methodology to the classical methods of working with young people and as an alternative methodology of learning in general.

Why is it necessary to develop new methodologies in non-formal education and to support formal education? Each of the project partners has launched a needs analysis among the beneficiaries of their projects (young people between the ages of 15 and 25). 58 young people from the 9 organizations were consulted on the opportunity to develop and use gamification methodologies and tools in non-formal education contexts, with the prospect of including them in formal educational experiences. The main problem that I have identified from the answers obtained is that the interests of the young people are constantly …

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