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Roads of Democracy



Roads of Democracy is a project that took place at the end of the year 2019, specifically in the period 14-20 December as a part of the Erasmus+ program, in the Bulgarian city Gotse Delchev. On the project participated students from former communist countries, and those countries were Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Portugal.  Although, Portugal was not a communist country, in the period from 1932 to 1968, it was ruled by the corporatist authoritarian government and by dictator Salazar. The Romanian participants were twelve students from Timisoara, Satu Mare, Caracal and from Nadlac: Roxana Iuga, Beatrix Csaki, Ioana Dragomir, Laura Duca, Cristian Drosu, Stefan Apostol, Ema Fabri, Boris Horvath, Roxana Patean, Martina Zelenak, Darius Horvath, Patrik Suhanski.

The project had a historical and political theme.The main discussion topic was democracy. Also a topic was the communist state and history of each of the countries. The representants of each country, presented their opinion on the above-mentioned communist states. Our presentation was based on three basic questions:

  • What traces did the communism leave in Romania?
  • The fate of the people in the communist period?
  • How did the simple people perceive the communism?

During these days, English was the main communication language. Activities …

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KA2 Gamification – 4th Transnational Meeting @Sofia, Bulgaria

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5d56117e-a721-4841-b942-05f2c8db7383Between 26 and 27 February 2020, all the partners have been present in Sofia, Bulgaria to attend the 4th Transnational Project Meeting.

IMG-7731 IMG-7728 IMG-7726 IMG-7725 b18e58d8-2221-4387-a5e1-beae73d23a98 a8d851d6-4609-49a8-b40d-a6e21bac2dd4

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KA2 Empowerment Through Sports – 3rd transnational meeting @Timisoara, Romania


DSC_0186Third transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project “Empowerment through sports” was held in Timisoara, Romania, friday on the 7th of February. We discussed on the general progress of the project and specifically about the multiplier events and other IO’s with the other partner organizations. It was a fruitful meeting and we are looking forward for the 4th, next meeting, held near in the context nearing the closure of the project.

DSC_0185 DSC_0181 DSC_0177 DSC_0172

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KA2 Gamification – 1st multiplier event @IncubART

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86372575_623589455141843_2944347493275533312_nOn Saturday, 15th of February 2020 and one day after Valentine’s Day, 66 youngsters came on a weekend day to spend it by playing boardgames developed through our Erasmus+ KA2 project “Gamification Methods for Educational Management”.

Gamification is the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition.  The general aim of the project is to develop gamification non-formal education methodologies and instruments for young people aged 18-23.

Over the course of the last year, our team involved in the project developed this methodologies and instruments into the form of 4 boardgames (so far), meant to be played by youngsters in their trainings and competence gaining, to improve their skills and gain new ones.

For the purpose of testing and gaining feedback, 66 young people responded to our invitation and came to our multiplier event, where they attended a short presentation of the project, of the intellectual outputs, learned while giving feedback from playing the actual games and had a lot of fun while doing it!

Learn more about the project from our project’s website:

86449686_623585268475595_3391574479233613824_o 86971273_623584988475623_3181566916514807808_o 86864307_623587428475379_8303621046867591168_o 87333928_623587701808685_6065004725491728384_o 86277757_623585085142280_1440490996960854016_o 86500527_623585981808857_5055025178514292736_o 86970456_623585015142287_5608397062807748608_o 86864307_623587428475379_8303621046867591168_o 86725554_623585878475534_4431424402768265216_o

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KA2 Sportification – Kickoff meeting

Category:Blog,SPORTIFICATION Using Gamification in Physical Activities and Sport Activities

DSC_0160We are pleased to announce the 5 organizations involved in the Erasmus+ KeyAction2 Sportification project met for the first time during the kickoff meeting held during the 4th and 5th of February in Timișoara, Romania. The meeting took place at IncubART in a space perfectly suited for us, where we warmly welcomed everyone to our country and into this project which we will be implementing during the next 2 years.

We, as the Center of Strategies for Youth Development, are fulfilling the role of coordinators for this project. We had a very productive first meeting, starting with introductions and continuing with a general introduction to all the activities, events and future meetings we are going to prepare. The first meeting is essential for the productivity and efficiency of how we are going to work on this project, because we set up a rythm and a clear understanding on how to proceed in future situations. By assigning roles and drawing guidlines for each organization involved, we made sure to improve the transparency and the communication between the partners so the implementation can proceed smooth and punctual.

In Europe today, 6 of the 7 biggest risk factors for premature death – blood …

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Who rules your life: you or your phone? :)


Who rules your life: you or your phone? 🙂

Have you caught the moment when your friend sticks to a mobile phone and drops out of reality? Or when most of the people do that during “party”? Or maybe it was even you? (
The world is digitalizing more and more and nothing can stop it. But we can learn how to do it safely for our mind, body, relationships. That is what we were exploring during #ErasmusPlus youth exchange “Train your digit brain” in Latvia from 12 to 18th of September.
We discussed how gadgets positively and negatively influence on body, personal relationships, everyday life, education and work, travel and entertainment. Then we tried 24h #DigitalDetox – living without gadgets (do you know to wake up in time without phone alarm?!) while getting connected with our body, mind and other people. Have you ever drawn runes on stones or danced Belarusian traditional dance? We did!
We became so brave that even made a city quest in Riga with flight mode on phones Yes-yes, conscious usage of maps and talking to locals in order to find a road, can you imagine?
After understanding that less usage of gadgets is

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Toolbox “Being your Host”: Non-formal education and learning tools in the field of community work with and for young refugees



The toolbox “Being your Host” is intended as an open learning resource for youth workers that are engaged in community work with young refugees, asylum seekers and young people with migration background. Specifically: project managers, community leaders, educators, facilitators, social workers, intercultural mediators that are interested to improve their ability in the social inclusion of excluded groups.

The toolbox consists of a series of samples of non-formal learning activities, background texts, references and direct web-based links to useful sources of information, including a case study on “unaccompanied refugee children”. The learning activities are structured to be simple and practical, along with concrete guidelines and samples that users can put into practice in their daily work and adapt to a variety of educational and community contexts. Each of the learning activities in the toolbox leads on from the previous one in a logical progression.

The toolbox could also be used in formal settings such as schools, colleges and universities addressing development challenges as well as for project managers and experts engaged in the design and implementation of development programmes and initiatives addressing young refugees and migrants.The toolbox is also intended for other interested users who are either new to the field …

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Erasmus+ Seminar for Trainers “Against discrimination among young people”


Erasmus+ Seminar for Trainers
“Against discrimination among young people”


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Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course “Youth Work for Youth Employability” @ Rezekne, Latvia from 1st – 7th April.


Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course “Youth Work for Youth Employability”
@ Rezekne, Latvia from 1st – 7th April.




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KA2 Gamification – 2nd Meeting

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Our GEM meeting in June this summer in Larissa, Greece for the project Gamification Methods for Educational Management!🎮

We presented our biggest output (literally), a first draft of our 6×4 board game, designed for a minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 40 participants.👥

Check-out more updates on our website:👈64630391_1255227441326428_3431276113240784896_o 64727544_1255227414659764_3602455118609383424_o 64728290_1255227361326436_4918896928801947648_o

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