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Who rules your life: you or your phone? :)


Who rules your life: you or your phone? 🙂

Have you caught the moment when your friend sticks to a mobile phone and drops out of reality? Or when most of the people do that during “party”? Or maybe it was even you? (
The world is digitalizing more and more and nothing can stop it. But we can learn how to do it safely for our mind, body, relationships. That is what we were exploring during #ErasmusPlus youth exchange “Train your digit brain” in Latvia from 12 to 18th of September.
We discussed how gadgets positively and negatively influence on body, personal relationships, everyday life, education and work, travel and entertainment. Then we tried 24h #DigitalDetox – living without gadgets (do you know to wake up in time without phone alarm?!) while getting connected with our body, mind and other people. Have you ever drawn runes on stones or danced Belarusian traditional dance? We did!
We became so brave that even made a city quest in Riga with flight mode on phones Yes-yes, conscious usage of maps and talking to locals in order to find a road, can you imagine?
After understanding that less usage of gadgets is

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Toolbox “Being your Host”: Non-formal education and learning tools in the field of community work with and for young refugees



The toolbox “Being your Host” is intended as an open learning resource for youth workers that are engaged in community work with young refugees, asylum seekers and young people with migration background. Specifically: project managers, community leaders, educators, facilitators, social workers, intercultural mediators that are interested to improve their ability in the social inclusion of excluded groups.

The toolbox consists of a series of samples of non-formal learning activities, background texts, references and direct web-based links to useful sources of information, including a case study on “unaccompanied refugee children”. The learning activities are structured to be simple and practical, along with concrete guidelines and samples that users can put into practice in their daily work and adapt to a variety of educational and community contexts. Each of the learning activities in the toolbox leads on from the previous one in a logical progression.

The toolbox could also be used in formal settings such as schools, colleges and universities addressing development challenges as well as for project managers and experts engaged in the design and implementation of development programmes and initiatives addressing young refugees and migrants.The toolbox is also intended for other interested users who are either new to the field …

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Erasmus+ Seminar for Trainers “Against discrimination among young people”


Erasmus+ Seminar for Trainers
“Against discrimination among young people”


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Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course “Youth Work for Youth Employability” @ Rezekne, Latvia from 1st – 7th April.


Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course “Youth Work for Youth Employability”
@ Rezekne, Latvia from 1st – 7th April.




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KA2 Gamification – 2nd Meeting


Our GEM meeting in June this summer in Larissa, Greece for the project Gamification Methods for Educational Management!🎮

We presented our biggest output (literally), a first draft of our 6×4 board game, designed for a minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 40 participants.👥

Check-out more updates on our website:👈64630391_1255227441326428_3431276113240784896_o 64727544_1255227414659764_3602455118609383424_o 64728290_1255227361326436_4918896928801947648_o

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road to safety

Road to Safety


29 – 8 April, Warsaw, Poland

road to safety

Road2Safety was an Erasmus+ mobility involving young people aged between 14 and 18, where they learned about road safety, first aid techniques and correct methods of emergency response. They also had the opportunity to get together with young people from 3 other participating countries (Poland, Lithuania and Latvia) and visit Poland’s capital city, the spectacular city of Warsaw!

We present you here with a report on days to give you a detailed insight about what happened in the mobiliy of this project:

Day 1:

Our team of 6 young people and 2 group leaders arrived on Monday (arrival day) and met with the other participants where our team facilitated in the same evening activities where the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted and get familiar with the place where activities will take place over the week of the mobility.

The next day (Tuesday, the first official day of mobility) began with a visit to the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) where we were presented the interior of a helicopter used for medical purposes and the participants had the unique opportunity to pilot a helicopter through a simulator. The next visit made us acquainted …

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Cardinals – Press Release


Press release for the project “Cardinals”

Project №    2019-1-RO01-KA105-062502     under the Erasmus+ Program

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afis ece - Copy

European Citizenship Education – Press Release


Press release for the project “European Citizenship Education”

Project №    2018-3-RO01-KA105-061179    under the Erasmus+ Program

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Europe Says No to Hate Speech – Press Release

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Press release for the project “Europe Says No to Hate Speech”

Project №    2018-3-RO01-KA105-061439    under the Erasmus+ Program

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KA2 YMEC – Fourth Project Meeting


Fourth international meeting under the project “Young managers of effective career development”

№ 2016-2-BG01-KA205-023931 under the Erasmus + Program


A patra reuniune transnațională privind proiectul YMEC și evenimentul de multiplicare

Între 11 și 12 octombrie 2018, în Lublin, în Polonia a avut loc cea de-a patra reuniune internațională finală din cadrul Proiectului 2016-2-BG01-KA205-023931 – “Tinerii manageri ai dezvoltării profesionale eficiente”.

Responsabil pentru organizarea celei de-a patra întâlniri internaționale a fost Fundacja VCC – Polonia Participat și 3 organizații partenere: Youth Active – Lituania; CENTRUL DE STRATEGII PENTRU DEZVOLTAREA TINERETULUI – România; Teza Ltd. – Bulgaria.

Principalele obiective ale ultimei întâlniri au fost discutarea următoarelor subiecte:

– Revizuirea și discutarea rezultatelor tuturor produselor intelectuale dezvoltate în timpul proiectului – etapele, rezultatele obținute, coordonarea și comunicarea în cadrul parteneriatului;

– Discuții despre evenimentele din cadrul atelierelor desfășurate în fiecare țară parteneră.

– E1 – Evenimentul de multiplicare din Polonia – pregătire pentru evenimentul din 12 octombrie 2018 la Lublin.

Reuniunea finală transnațională a contribuit la coordonarea termenelor și a etapelor de realizare a acțiunilor de susținere a implementării eficiente și durabile a managerilor tineri ai unui proiect eficient de dezvoltare a carierei.…