Empowerment Through Sports – Putting Ourselves Into “Their” World

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Empowerment Through Sports – Putting Ourselves Into “Their” World


In society, certain groups of people often face social
exclusion. Such groups are LGBTQI, people with disabilities or
injuries/concussions, migrants, girls and women. It is crucial to take into
account each of the vulnerable groups, understand their needs and help them
avoid any kind of social exclusion.

ETS project partners conducted the research which provides findings on how
sport can help eliminate social exclusion of vulnerable groups and what social
inclusion/exclusion issues might be faced by socially vulnerable people in
sports. It also provides the information and findings of a survey in order to learn
how the processes of social inclusion through sports can be improved by
educating those who work in this field.

Find it here: http://sportsinclusion.eu/publications/research/