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What kind of programs and activities we do?

The programs and activities organized by the Center of Strategies for Youth Development range from human rights education, youth policy development, cultural activities, personal and professional development of youth, leadership programs, employability, entrepreneurship, public speaking and recently also sports.

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What is our mission?

Our mission is to continuously transform the community through the development of young, responsible leaders and a mentality oriented towards proactivity, involvement and action.…

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What is our vision?

The Center of Strategies for Youth Development’s vision is of a world in which formal education additionally soaks with the non-formal and informal education methods to contribute to the development and accountability processes of the youth. We believe that the vision is achievable only through designing and implementing strategies meant to develop the personal and professional abilities of the youth, both in a formal, academic environment and in a non-formal one.…

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What we do?

Center of Strategies for Youth Development is an organization actively involved in project development and implementation in the local, national and international non-formal education sphere, that directly aims at personal and professional youth development.…






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Youth Participants


I am very happy that I had the opportunity to get to know and work with CSDT team. I had a great time, which I appreciate. I really hope that in the future I will be able to meet and work with CSDT team more than once.


Deimantė Čiupkovaitė

( )

Great team that loves what it is doing and creates amazing things. Thank you guys, I am looking forward to meeting you again and working with you.


Ivi Toumasi

( )

One word.....AMAZING!!! organization, staff, trainer everything perfect !! they are wonderful people !! surely I will want to do another project together!


Antonio Sutera Sardo

( )

I went to an Erasmus+ project through this NGO and all I can say is that the people from this NGo are amazing:serious, organised, always eager to answer all our questions. I hope I will have the chance to colaborate with them more in the future, as I was satisfied.


Theodora Calin

( )

This kind of partners you would want for any project. We are enjoying the work together!

Pedro Soares

Pedro Soares

( Experimentaculo Portugal )

A very young team which started from the bottom and they are developing more and more, day by day. It is a pleasure to cooperate with them.


Alessandro Nicotera

( APICE Italy )